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NeSkullGamesFrontBackw Orleans, the city that’s known for its famous food and great jazz music consist of a mixture of much more than those known facts.  The culture is very intriguing.  The birth place of Jazz is famous for its Mardi Gras celebrations, Indian Masking, and Second-Lines; which could be best described as a parade and celebration of death when a loved one passes away.  It’s really something to experience but, there’s a flip side of the game to this picture.  The city in itself breeds an evil presence that has caused a lot of young brothers to lose their lives in gruesome murders.  It’s not a nice subject to talk about but, its reality.  It’s a killed or be killed mentality that roams through the minds of young African-American men that are bred in the “Crescent City.”  I want to take you on a journey that is filled with murder, loyalty, sex and everything that goes down in the heart of the city.  I call it a taste of Gumbo.  For the people out there who don’t know what the definition of Gumbo is.  It’s a mixture of all kinds of tasty concoctions.  In the Gumbo you eat it’s mixed with all types of meat and seafood in a rue base.  The Gumbo I’m about to present is a mixture of the elements of life in the depths of New Orleans.  My job as an author and a born and raised citizen of New Orleans, is to give you the raw uncut feel of the party life, the violence and cut throat shit that goes down in my neck of the woods.  I felt a strong motivation to share with the world how young brothers have to struggle, kill, and hustle to survive in the concrete jungle of “The Boot.”  So if you’re looking for the usual predictable urban novel, this is the total opposite.  Through this book you will be introduced to the day to day life of the goons that lurk in the trenches of New Orleans, and also their unusual dialect and swagger.  So sit back and get ready to experience the most electrifying tale of the urban world.